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It is not enough just to want something, you must act.You can easily change your life merely addressing to Melon Studio. We will lead you to the desired goals and incredible success with ease foreseeing and considering all the details.

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Time passes quickly, everything changes around and only achievements remain with us. Keep in progress, build new plans, think of new ideas and don’t hesitate to embody these ideas with Melon Studio. We will help you to realize yourself and gain success in your business.


Montazhnik Art & design

Co. Ltd “Montazhnik” works professionally in the market of the exhibition service since 1988. “Montazhnik” occupies a dominant position in the exhibition field from the moment of its founding.

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Melon StudioMelon StudioSIMS3

The Way We Work

“We don’t know any limit to perfection and don’t keep ourselves within the bounds during the creative working process.”

  1. We define specific goals and purposes
  2. Create a precise plan
  3. Discuss with our customers such things as:
  • project budget
  • time of realization
  • technologies which are necessary for the efficient performance of a task

The order of any complexity is performed on the equally high level. Specialized workers always stick to client’s wishes, subject matter, hard and fast rules about the project deadline and quality.

Melon team does its best to achieve success and that’s why we think over every step of the further actions concerning a certain project.

At this stage we create the product design and construct its appearance: graphic look, style, logic structure, subject area and usability. Our designers embody all your thoughts and wishes. They know how to make your site originally exclusive and easy to use at the same time.

Design of the product is its soul because it gives you a general impression about the project. Your visitors estimate you the way your graphic design looks like. It shouldn’t just have a nice air but also show the appointed objects. Design is quite the thing which leaves your competitors behind and makes your customers come back to you over and over again.

Coding is a skeleton of the project because you can’t see it from the first glance but nothing works without it. Our programmers get the graphic design off the ground, they work your site out to all the widespread browsers and optimize graphics for the site to load fast. Coders are masters of their work. They use the most innovative technologies.

After coding we test the product. This is a time when our business friend can check the quality of the product.

Here we present our client the ready product and show the site functional. Also we teach you how to use the administrative part of the site. Due to its right application you can fill your site with the necessary information.

About Us

MelonStudio is responsible for the site creation and makes it professionally. We guarantee you reliability and quality of every product.

Melon studio is a high quality project developed to push the envelope and turn the design world upside down. Melon team is guided by evolving technologies, extraordinary ideas and methodological well-organized working process. Every group member is skilled in his own subject area and does only what he does best. Congruence and discipline are the main factors in our guarantee of success. What exactly do we do? We offer the whole service connected with web: create pages, corporate identity, animations and advertise.

Our work is always high-end because we follow the newest trends of graphic and web designs. Also we rely on the most innovative CSS3 and HTML5 technologies in the up-to-date Internet. The main rule of our team is to make a professional product. By the way, the budget of the companies having been our clients increases rapidly after our close collaboration because nowadays sites bring a big number of clients and huge profit.

We have a many years’ experience dealing with clients from Western Europe and the USA which are glad to cooperate with us because we carry out tasks efficiently and do it in time.


Thank to Melon Studio team for having carried out all the assigned objectives. These guys help me to introduce my political views, what I can do for my country and my region. I advice this web studio to everybody.

  • Mykola Oprysko


“With the help of our service your company will have a perfect graphic
design and the most presentable look in the Internet.”




Online shop “SHUNOK”



Website of ukrainian politician “MYKOLA OPRYSKO”



Logo and corporate identity for night club “KLETKA”



Logo and corporate identity for “ARROWNET”



Logo for “RIENT”






Website for night club “KLETKA”



Online shop “SHUNOK”



From time to time visiting the various sites. We notice that the wider application shall polygonal fashion illustration. They attract our eyes and make us learn details. In these illustrations the main emphasis is given on the cube.

At first glance, this set of triangular and rectangular forms that create a sense of volume. This effect is created mostly by Photoshop’a or Illustrator’a.

With these instrumenitiv can turn almost any photo or picture you in polygonal artwork by incorporating abstract shapes of different colors.

At first glance, this set of triangular and rectangular forms that create a sense of volume. This effect is created mostly by Photoshop or Illustrator.

With these instrumenitiv can turn almost any photo or picture you in polygonal artwork by incorporating abstract shapes of different colors.


Probably every designer faced with the problem of inspiration when the ideas is not, then the customer is difficult to explain on when it will be done for him work. It is better to sacrifice the terms , rather than give customers not yakiysnyy product.

Guns contemporary designer for inspiration, bookmark it with your favorite web resources to help implement interesting and creative ideas. We are with you podilemos ten web resources for inspiration:


Quality web hosting has always been in popular demand. No matter how good your website is, at the end of the day, awesome content and wonderful design will have little effect on your visitors if they are having a hard time reaching your website! Let’s be straight: If you want your website to be a success, you must consider a proper web host. Speaking of successful websites, a growing number of them are powered by WordPress. As a result, web hosting companies begin specializing on WordPress. So, what exactly is managed WP hosting all about, and who are the major players? Read on as we attempt to answer this question in the following lines.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Solving Your WP Hosting Issues

Let us put it this way: running a WordPress website has its own share of headaches and annoyances, and not everyone has the required time (or expertise) to tackle them. Apart from ensuring that your CMS and the installed plugins or themes are up-to-date, you often also have to deal with issues such as broken plugins and themes. Now, you cannot turn to your web host with your CMS woes, simply because running a CMS is your decision, and tackling its issues is your liability.

But what if you actually could ask your web host to help you with WordPress?

Furthermore, would it not make your life easier if your web host could take care of plugin and theme compatibility issues, database backups and website optimization? In other words, if you are sure that the CMS of choice for your website is WordPress, why can your web host not help you out with that — you know, like provide some additional themes, some WP-friendly features, specialized security tweaks, and so on?

The answers to all these questions lies in Managed WordPress Hosting. This breed of web hosts provides specialized support for WordPress websites. To frame it in a fancier way, such web hosts provide WaaS (WordPress as a Service) — WP-optimized servers, support for WP-related issues such as updates and broken themes, protection from common hack attempts, and at times, freebies related to WordPress in the form of giveaways, themes or plugins.

Even though it all began, in a way, with the advent of VIP, today there are numerous players in the market. We shall now take a look at some of the major players in the WaaS segment.


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